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                 Biographies Of Fallen Soldiers

           Rusty L. Washam  -  Brandon M. Read

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          Jason Dane Hovater

Jason Dane Hovater was born on August 10, 1983 in Crossville, TN. He was home schooled and at the age of 5 began playing the piano. His dad showed him three chords and he immediately began playing. He has played for the Lord ever since and is now in the best “Praise Team” ever!

At the age of 9 he began lifting weights and his idol was Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was a self taught nutritionist and could tell you every muscle's name in your body during high school years at home.

Growing up he heard stories of his grandfather's experience in WW II as a P.O.W. for 14 months and about the “Death March” he was on. When 9-11 happened he told us he was going to join the Army and “Get Bin Laden”. Against his parents wishes he joined the Army and the rest is history.

We believe his purpose was to set “Creation Free” behind a piano as a psalmist to the Lord rather then behind a gun. But, we can not make the choices for our children. We do honor his decision. He gave his life so that we are free and no greater love has any man than that. We thank everyone for their love, prayers, and respect that has been shown us.

With Love,

Gerald & Kathy Hovater /2008 

                                              Rusty L. Washam (USMC)

Rusty Washam  was born at Ft. Bragg, NC Feb 11, 1985. We moved back to Tennessee when Rusty was four years old. He attended school at Fairview Elementary and Scott High. He played Jr. pro basketball, and also played basketball for both Elementary and High School. He had a beautiful 3-point shot! He wore #84 in football at Scott High, and they retired his jersey after his death  Also, Fairview Elementary named their new field house after him. Rusty was a free-spirited person and always had a smile on his face.

CPL Rusty Washam joined the Marines  upon graduating from  High School in 2003, and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was killed by a suicide bomber 3 days after his 21st birthday.

                       Brandon Michael Read (US Army)

Brandon was born in Panama City, Republic of Panama, and spent the first half  of his life as an "army brat". His dad got out of active duty, but continued his career in the Army Reserves.  After living in Pennsylvania for a few years, the family moved to Tennessee.

Brandon graduated from Greeneville High School in May 2001, and left for basic training three days later. Brandon and his dad both served in the same reserve unit until their first activation. During Brandon's second activation he was attached to the 125th Transportation Company  out of Lexington, KY.  He and his unit were then sent to Iraq  Brandon was killed by an IED explosion on September 6, 2004 at the age of 21.

Brandon always had a smile on his face, and during his memorial service, so many referred to him as having an "infectious smile". Brandon and his brother Jaymon were the best of friends and were constant companions. Growing up as "army brats" they always had each other to depend on. Brandon loved being with his family and friends, having a good time, and enjoying life.

A special "thank you" goes out to the 639th TC-Kingsport, TN and the 126th TC-Lexington, KY. Brandon served with each of these units. Both units are a remarkable group of soldiers, who have showed us nothing but kindness, love,  friendship,  and everlasting memories.




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