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Tennessee's Helping Hearts is a 501 (C) (3) non profit organization that
is dedicated to all military, Law Enforcement and Firefighters. Tennessee's
Helping Hearts is one of many home front groups of
program is recognized by the Department of Defense. Each home group
has a certain mission. Tennessee's Helping Hearts mission is help the
Military, Police and Firefighters when injured in the line of duty or the
families left behind if they are killed in the line of duty, help with the
moral overseas, remembrance of our fallen heroes.

Tennessee's Helping Hearts has helped many of our servicemen and women
and their families. Especially the families of our Fallen Heroes. We have
helped the families with remembering their sons, daughter's mother's & fathers
by planting memorial tree's, fighting to help keep a family that was torn apart
due to the soldier being killed overseas. We have helped a police officer that
was shot in the line of duty and a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer fought
for his life in intensive Care unit for over six weeks due to his squad car being
hit by a truck driver that fell asleep while driving, but we didn't stop there we
helped feed these families three meals a day while this police officer was
fighting for his life.